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Illustrator Octopus: Using Tutorials to Push My Artwork to The Next Level

I've been messing around in Illustrator for the past two nights. I want to try and learn how to make my illustrations and artwork pop and look amazing and fabulous. Watching helped with adding texture to my work! I'm so glad for tutorials!     Which do you prefer?    


Decorating Letters With Scrapbook Paper

Decorated letters using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge (matte). Super easy and quick, but gluing was temperamental. I placed the paper letter over the wooden letter first. I glued the top of the paper letter down first and then glued the rest. I looked for air bubbles and smoothed them out with my nail. I… Continue reading Decorating Letters With Scrapbook Paper

Art · Graphic Arts and Design

Aesop Fables: Creating a Book Layout

Assignment: Aesop Fables Book Goal: Create a two page spread in InDesign for an Aesop Fable of your choice utilizing all of the techniques we have learned over the semester. This was the project from the beginning of the semester I was looking forward to the most. While we didn't get to publish it in… Continue reading Aesop Fables: Creating a Book Layout


Single Word Typography Activity

I really enjoyed this assignment. It was simple, and yet challenging. It allowed me to be creative by essentially being minimalistic in my execution. It challenged me to be clever and, as Mike Stout would put it, allow the audience to feel smart rather that having to be smart to understand what I was trying… Continue reading Single Word Typography Activity


Teaching Design: Creating a Leprechaun Trap with My Nephew For St. Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick's Day, my nephew was given an assignment to make a Leprechaun Trap. My sister, not really knowing what to make of the assignment asked me if I could help. I thought this would be a great opportunity to utilize my design skills and show my nephew how to go about designing something… Continue reading Teaching Design: Creating a Leprechaun Trap with My Nephew For St. Patrick’s Day