Single Word Typography Activity

I really enjoyed this assignment. It was simple, and yet challenging. It allowed me to be creative by essentially being minimalistic in my execution. It challenged me to be clever and, as Mike Stout would put it, allow the audience to feel smart rather that having to be smart to understand what I was trying to convey.

One challenge right off the bat was trying to understand the assignment. Looking at others works helped me to see that it wasn’t about creating images that coincide with the word, such as making the font for the word ‘cookie’ look like an actual cookie, but rather using fonts as they are and manipulating them (size, color, position) to create meaning. For the word ‘cookie,’ a bite could be taken out of one of the letters.

Another challenge I faced for this assignment came from picking words that would work to create interesting set-ups. I found that focusing on action words (running, jumping, walking) was easier than focusing on nouns (dog, cat, tree) and allowed me to produce more single word typography. Drawing out my ideas helped immensely at first since I felt intimidated to jump right into InDesign and start creating. Once my ideas were drawn, I digitally created some of them in InDesign, and as time passed I kept creating more and more only in InDesign. Some came out great, some were mediocre and others I disliked all together. By creating a bunch of ideas though I came up with great ones and could pick out the ones that were the best of the bunch. Below are all of my creations! Enjoy!





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