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Text Formatting Tutorials

Recreating this Schedule of Events flyer for me was not an apprehensive task. I’ve had experience creating projects like this before, mostly in Word Documents though. The real challenge was knowing how to create a project like this in InDesign and using the program to it’s full advantages.

While everything I needed to know was reviewed in class, I really loved having the videos my professor made to review and learn from at home during the process of creating the flyer. I found the videos to be, for the most part, short and to the point. If snags were hit, they were not dwelled upon for long and were dealt with in another video.  The assignment was broken down well, each video covering a certain aspect of the assignment. I could hear my professor clearly and she demonstrated everything well. My only recommendations would be 1) including, either in the title or description, the topic that will be covered i.e Text Formatting InDesign: Getting Started, and 2) turning off any computer and phone alerts while recording. Aside from those two things for a first time video tutorial it was very well done! Great job!

And so, below is my completed flyer! Thank you for the video tutorials!
Graphic Design Skills_Text Formatting Assignment


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