Graphic Arts and Design

Making it Look Good: Tweaking to the Final Image

Assignment: Text and Image

Goal: Choose a photograph and pair it with text to create a harmonious image. 

The most difficult aspect of this particular assignment was not finding the right image or words, but making those two completely different aspects harmonious with each other.

I originally began by selecting American Typewriter, my original though process being that the girl in the photograph was physically writing down her thoughts and the audience was a witness to it.

I played around with positioning. Having everything straight, turning words on angles, having the words cascade down. Sometimes simplicity is best.

While I liked American Typewriter, it didn’t seem to match at first and we were encouraged to try out different fonts in order to gain an understanding that every font, when paired with an image, will create a different mood and feel. This I found to be very much true.

Image and Text Scans 1
My next choice of font was Avenir Next. I really loved the impact of this from the get-go. It really came off like a real advertisement, and the text and image seemed to really go well together. Another idea I had was to posterize the image to give it a different look and feel. It wasn’t received well so I quickly changed it back.


Image and Text Scans 4
Another font I tried out was Big Caslon. While nice, it didn’t give me the look I was going for.
Image and Text Scans 3
Didot was another font I chose. I really liked the way this font looked as well, and was a close second for the final choice.
Image and Text Scans 2
I played around with elongating Didot in order to have the ‘e’ and the ‘r’ fit onto the blinds better. I quickly found out from my professor that this is a big no-no. It takes away from the original design of the font that designers had spent years creating. The better solution is to pick a different font to create the look you’re going for.
Image and Text Scans 6
Final Choice: Avenir Next

In the end, I returned to Avenir Next. It suited the image well. I was also given suggestions to lighten the shadows on the subject, and to remove the period at the end of ‘wait’.

I never thought to lighten the shadows on the subject because I loved the contrast of the photo so much that I never gave it much thought. After doing it though I love that you can see the subject more and the image looks better for it. She isn’t lost in the darkness.

Removing the period from the end of ‘wait’ did cross my mind, as sometimes it looks strange for being there, but I’ve become so concerned with punctuation these days that I felt it best to just leave it in.

I’m proud and pleased with the final product!



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