Graphic Arts and Design

Finding the Right Words

Assignment: Text and Image

Goal: Choose a photograph and pair it with text to create a harmonious image. 

The idea for the text came from studying the photograph itself. Because we weren’t restricted on making the image into an advertisement, I stuck with the idea of a phrase, inspirational quote or thought. I love the idea more that we could truly put anything to the image and not have to worry about advertising anything. It opened the door to all kinds of possibilities and made the final image more meaningful and impactful.

katherine on floor copy

To me ,my sister looked forelorn in the image, sitting on the floor and looking out sadly into the emptiness of her house. She looked thoughtful. Contemplative. The phrase that came to mind was “I sit, and I wonder and I wait.” This phrase was specific enough to go with the picture’s action, but ambiguous enough that the viewer could come to their own conclusions as to what she is wondering and waiting for.

The suggestion to break down the phrase even more, from “I sit, and I wonder and I wait.” to “I wonder and I wait,” made the phrase more impactful and eliminated unnecessary words, getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Image and Text Scans 6


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