Graphic Arts and Design

Choosing the Right Image

Assignment: Text and Image

Goal: Choose a photograph and pair it with text to create a harmonious image. 

Choosing an image for the Text and Image Assignment wasn’t difficult. I knew from the start I wanted to use one of my own photographs rather than a public domain image from the Internet. I love using my own art and photography whenever I can when designing. After going through a few of my choice photographs, I settled on a photograph of my sister I had taken in the summer of 2015. It was a picture taken for a light and shadow assignment for photography class. It depicts my sister, seven months pregnant, sitting on the floor of her home looking forlorn. I love how beautifully the light and shadow work off each other, and how beautiful my sister looks. It is one of my favorite photographs and I’m glad I got to use it for this assignment.
katherine on floor copy

I gravitated toward this photograph the most out of the few that I had chosen. I really loved the composition and the feel that emanated from it.



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