Mini Exercise in Charretting


Performing a mini charrette in class, while difficult at first, was ultimately a lot of fun to do. I’ve done group work before like this in other classes over the years, so the concept wasn’t new to me.

Having received the task of developing a concept to explain the Fundamentals of Color from our book, our group decided to focus on one aspect of it rather than the entire unit. After choosing “Harmony and Contrast”as our topic, we came to the idea that harmony and contrast could be compared to a barber shop quartet.

While this idea was great in theory, harmony matching the qualities of a quartet quite well, contrast didn’t seem to match our initial idea. When the drawing was being colored I began to think that I should have put the opposing colors together rather than separated. It was also brought to my attention by the class that contrasting colors can work together most of the time and that maybe to make this clearer our group could have shown them as a duet rather than a quarreling quartet.

It was also brought to my attention that rather than just defining Harmony and Contrast, our group should of elaborated more and explained why harmony and contrast are so important in the design process. image


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