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Transforming Scan Art: Simple Scans into Abstract Art

Out of all the scans I made, I decided to transform these two images. I found them to be the most visually interesting.


I wasn’t completely sure the direction I wanted to take with my images. I decided to keep the images simple. I first used a crystalize filter, and then I used the CMYK settings to change the colors. This was my first transformation.

While the colors complemented each other, I wasn’t too happy with the look. I did some research and found a tutorial on implementing watercolor effects in Photoshop. I decided to try it on the same images. I liked this look much better, and it created very nice images.

After doing two sets with the hair scan, I decided to shift gears and play with the jewelry scan. Using the swirl and wave filter, and applying a light gradient, I created these images.

While the jewelry transformation pushed me a bit more into creating an abstract piece, I was still fond of the watercolor effect I had used for my second transformation. I chose this piece to print.

After printing the image out though I found I wasn’t as fond of it. The purple color stood out and didn’t fit well with the color scheme. My classmates agreed.

I decided to change it from purple to yellow, and smooth out the texture of the hair. Below is my final image.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.33.31 PM

Final Thoughts: Although I like how my assignment came out and enjoy the simplicity of it, I can’t help but feel, after seeing my classmates final images, that I could have done better. I would like to make another image, but this time I would like to create something either more abstract or much brighter in color. I’m really impressed with what everyone else came up with. It makes me long to think outside the box and try harder for the next assignment.


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