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Graphic Novel Complete: Trials and Tribulations

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 1.31.56 AM

Working on this comic from beginning to end involved a lot of work, and a lot of cursing during the late hours of the night.

My troubles mostly stemmed from working with layers, distinguishing which layers I was working with and making sure I could work easily with what I had created. I also had to keep track of my shapes, especially when creating clipping masks. I seemed to have trouble creating clipping masks because I either lost track of the overly shapes, or because my layers weren’t stacked correctly.  Working with multiple layers through, in the end, really did help to make the process of creating a comic easier, especially with inking.

I also had some trouble with my image trace images. When I went to go ink my panels, I found that the ink wouldn’t go over the image trace images. After loosing my mind for an hour and dreading having to redraw over 70% of my images with the ink blot tool, I discovered I could fix the problem by image tracing the images again and make a transparent background instead of a white background.

In the end, I love how it came out. There are some things I’m not completely thrilled with,  such as the background colors, but I am very proud of what I completed and will continue to perfect the comic for my portfolio.

…also, I didn’t realize I spelt ‘met’ wrong. I feel extremely stupid. Wah wah.


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