Graphic Arts and Design

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed 2D Design. It was a lot of fun and I really liked seeing what I could create.

I wish some of the projects we completed related back to the real world in some way. I would have liked to of seen where in design, whether in advertisements, gaming, or art, these projects are utilized. I suppose that’s why I would have liked to have done the scavenger hunt because it allows you to look in the real world for these projects that we created. Another idea would be to take what we learned in class and use it to create an advertisement, piece of art or something with gaming. I think by applying it to the real world I could truly see the projects potentials and possibilities.

What I did like was that by doing these projects it introduced me to Illustrator, and it’s possibilities in design creation. Although at times it is infuriating to work with, mainly because of my lack of understanding of the program, I love its potential and hope to work more with it in the future to create amazing art.


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