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Tidying Up Art

After watching this video, our next assignment was to tidy up a piece of art however way we saw fit. Though probably cliche, I chose a Picasso painting to “tidy up.”

Woman in Hat and Fur Collar, 1937 by Pablo Picasso

It’s actually not a bad painting. I have no quarrel with it or have any underlying desire to tidy it whatsoever. I wanted a painting that was colorful and fun, and out of all of his paintings I thought this one was the best to work with. I printed it on card stock and set to work tidying.

tidy up project
tidy up project 4
That was easy!

I decided to tidy it the way I tidy things in my own home. I would organize it by color, place everything into containers and label them. I grabbed a large piece of paper and drew some squares for containers. I glued the pieces into each container using Elmer’s Craft Bond Extra Strength Glue Stick. I then printed out labels from a label maker and placed them using foam dots for dimension.

tidy up project 3
Nice and tidy
tidy up project 2
Extreme close up!

This assignment was simple and fun to do. I liked being able to organize a painting the way I would organize my own space. I think that is what would make each classmates tidy up assignment interesting and different, that if we each had the same painting we would all organize it differently to our own tastes.


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